mask TV is ready to stream India,s first stint with alexithymia movie/ series leech

MaskTV is ready to stream INDIA ‘s first stint with Alexithymia Movie/Series Leech on 24th March

“Do we have God inside or human pretending to be God” excerpts from the synopsis of movie LEECH that will write a new chapter in the history of OTT cinema in INDIA because  only a few (3-4)movies that dealt with a psychological issue of Alexithymia exist in cinematic world.
All those films  like Third person, stranger, He is psychometric , also  based on the rare psychological issue of Alexithymia have been created by other film makers not even a single Indian producer till date tried such captivating subject for their series or OTT run movies .
Producer Chiranjeevi Bhatt and Anju Bhatt known to acquire different genres and daring content to produce that can not be ignored.
Director Anil Ramchandra Sharma and pabitra das have beautifully  woven this psychological crime story with suspense , thrill, horror that brings the motive alive for audiences.

Abhik Benazir, Sanam ziya, Mir Sarwar , Atul Srivastav, Alka Amin and many others as supporting  cast  are here to leave a mark through LEECH.

Music by Bapi Bhattacharya plays an impressive role flowing with the  theme and storyline .Mask tv OTT has created a special place by choosing their streaming projects with a perfect balance between masked truths and unmasked realities .watch this psychological drama of it’s own kind named LEECH  on Mask tv  this 24 th March. Channel producer Mansie Bhatt ;has lined up a special screening for media to showcase the proud moment of presenting them with India’s first LEECH; who also directed India first real transgender show Project Angels.

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