Kumar Raj's film "Tara" wins big at Great Asian World Cinema Awards-CINE GLOBAL

Film ‘Tara – the journey of love and passion ’ has proven to be one  masterwork by producer director Kumar Raj. It has not only garnered immense love from the audience but has officially broken all World Records by recently winning it's 212th award at Great Asian World Cinema Awards chosen by the esteemed jury.

Along with winning record of breaking awards, the film also achieved 212th official selections and screening in international film festivals worldwide. 

The Best film award was presented to Kumar Raj at the Great Asian Cinema awards for his feature film Tara . The film has  a beautiful song in the voice of famous singer Madhushree. 'Tara' is written by Dr. Prof. Kishen Pawar. Lead actress of the film is international award winning actress Rekha Rana along with amazing cast including Aashish Salim and Rohan Shroff.

Speaking about this success Kumar Raj says, " I am extremely proud at this moment that my film  'Tara' has been performing so well internationally . This film is a matter of pride for Bollywood and the entire film fraternity ."

“Along with awards , I also got the honour of my film to be kept in the New York Film academy Library." added Kumar Raj with immense pride and smile on his face. 

Great Asian World Cinema Awards is an international festival where the annual winner gets certificate and trophy. Winner is chosen by grand esteemed jury and the festival looks for standout independent films. The work is screened & evaluated by a team of experts including film critics in the industry, and later the best film is announced as winner. 

Kumar Raj’s upcoming film "Yahaan Ameena Bikti Hai" featuring actress Rekha Rana,  is delayed due to Covid'19 situation & is expected to be released this year . 

Kumar Raj is traveling this month  to USA to receive prestigious award “ Best Drama feature film “ 

at Gold star movie Awards in New York for his film Tara . 


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