Santosh Upadhyay to direct film "Masoom Sawal: The Unbearable Pain" based on an interesting subject-CINE GLOBAL

Director Santosh Upadhyay

Producer Ranjana Upadhyay announces her new feature film 'Masoom Sawal: The Unbearable Pain' under the banner of Nakshatra 27 Media Productions. The film is written and directed by Santosh Upadhyay. The film will have a huge and amazing cast including Nitanshi Goel, Mannat Duggal, Brinda Trivedi, Rohit Tiwari, Ekavali Khanna, Shishir Sharma, Moha Choudhary and Madhu Sachdeva in lead roles.  

'Masoom Sawal: The Unbearable Pain' is a film revolving around  a girl who considers Sri Krishn as her brother from childhood. With growing age the girl enters menstrual cycle, all the people related to her forbid her to touch or go near to her brother Krishna. Her family tells the girl to now consider Krishna more as the almighty Lord and not her brother, accordingly they try to imply all set of rules and regulations on her . So, the girl innocently ask questions as to why suddenly she has to consider lord Krishna as idol and not her brother ? Why all the superstition, all the restrictions and the tag of impurity that are applied to women during this period of menstrual cycle. The film is based on how the girl is not ready to accept these tags and innocently questioning each and every person related to her as she eagerly wants to talk to her brother Krishna daily and be with him.

“Masoom Sawal, as the title itself suggests is a film based on innocent questions asked by a girl child, that why she can’t touch Krishna and be beside him, whom she considers her brother during this period ? how does she become impure during these days and have to follow certain rules while being close to her brother recently ? These are the question that will arise in the minds of younger generation which is more practical now a days. Today’s cinema has seen a drastic change in its content, the audience today is more content driven in this modern cinema now”, says films writer/director Santosh Upadhyay.

“It’s high time now we have made a film on this sensitive topic and questioning these old rules and restrictions. I am happy to announce and work on this film that will surely create a great impression in the minds of people. I think every person watching the film will leave with a lot of questions in mind and why a change of rules and acceptance is required.” He happily added.


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