Pop Star Arzutra Garielle announces a surprise gift for audiences suffering from Covid-19-CINE GLOBAL

British Asian Singer and Pop Star Arzutra Garielle announces she is offering a completely free private virtual show for all key workers across the globe and any fans who have suffered or are suffering with COVID. After having survived the dreadful symptoms of Covid herself, Arzutra has offered the gift to help cheer people up and motivate them to heal their mind and body. She believes music is the best healer.


Speaking about this the Singer says, "Covid-19 period has been very difficult for all, even me. Especially during quarantine people's mental health is affected a lot. Everyone either feels dull or depressed as they are cooped up inside with no one to talk to and are made to feel like the entire world is moving ahead and they are locked in like a prisoner. It's really tough. I myself have suffered from these emotions. Your mental peace is completely destroyed with negative thoughts and no more usual joy like hanging out with friends and catching up with family member’s. With the help of my fans, their constant messages checking up on my health, I have fully recovered and are rearing to get on with life now. Its my turn to be there now for all my fans around the world. By offering this gift I want to give them a private zoom video call with a personal message and a show to motivate them to be heros and heroines all over again.``


"Music has always been my motivation and I am ready to share this gift of free private virtual shows with those in need. The key workers who have worked tirelessly around the clock to save lives and those who have been victims of this silent killer disease. I trust good times are coming soon," added the singer with immense happiness as she makes the announcement.


Only 50 spots are available so all her fans need to hurry up as it’s first come first serve. Only applicable for past or present COVID sufferers and Key workers. Last date of booking is 28th February. To book you can DM Arzutra Garielle directly on Instagram or book directly by emailing her on bookarzutra@gmail.com. Stay tuned to know more about this mind blowing initiative!


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